Well I hope you’re ready for drawings of angry people because I’m a bit behind and I got a whole bunch of ’em done this weekend. I’m now up to number THIRTY! Thirty people who have run with me/ been inspired to run because of this blog/ found me through Twitter and sent in a grumpy photo. I think that’s pretty neat. They are really starting to look like quite a crowd, aren’t they?


And without further ado, here are the new members of the Grumpy Jogger club…
#24! Gregg G! 

Gregg was part of the Butetown Mile crew and busted out a 6 minute-something mile like  he was just going to the shops.



#25! Krystal G!

Part of the Pembrokeshire run crew! Krystal has been mixing up running with Pokemon Go (would recommend, good for hatching those pesky 10k eggs.)


#26! Miriam G!

Pembrokeshire crew! Mim went for a run wearing wellies because she didn’t give a flip what the shoe experts said.


#27! Nicky R!

Pembrokeshire crew! Nickynoo also used to run with me around Roath park back in uni. She was my first regular run bud. * high five *


#28! Ryan N!

Pembrokeshire Crew! Ryan tried to get me to draw him before as a “Grumpy Rambler” but I straight up refused until he came for a run with me on holiday. I got my principles.


#29! Kate D! (And no, not me! Another Kate D…)

Kate sent me a particularly epic grumpy pic after getting absolutely drenched on a run. Great work Spinks! 😀


#30! Sam E (a.k.a Deano the Dementiasaurus)

Sam is a fellow member of CDF Runners. He’s running the Cardiff Half Marathon soon, which would be impressive enough except that he’s doing it in this MASSIVE DINOSAUR COSTUME. I can barely get my head around covering 13 miles without contending with this cap-wielding, tongue-lolling, tail-wagging costume, so respect where it’s due. He’s raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, so dig deep and throw some money at his Just Giving page.

DONATE to Sam’s Just Giving Page here! 


As always, if you want to be drawn into the coolest 2D run club, send me a pic on twitter: @grumpyjogger


Grumpykate x


The Butetown Mile Race Report!


28/08- The Butetown mile! 

It’s only a mile, right? How hard can one mile be? Answer: really darn hard…

Hasty research: The Butetown Mile started in the 1980s but stopped in the ’90s. It started up again in 2014 as a way to raise money for Cancer Research UK. It is one of only three places in the world to host a straight mile road race alongside Fifth Avenue, New York and the Champs-Élysées, Paris! Isn’t that awesome? NEW YORK! PARIS! CARDIFF!

I bought my ticket for this race way back in April. Then life happened and I couldn’t make it, so I gave my ticket to run bud Jake, and then life happened again and I was suddenly free so I bought another ticket. (This did mean I was entered into the race twice with wildly varying times…)

I also managed to convince run buds Christina, Rob and Gregg to come along too! A whole Grump Team! (See above pic.)

I’d not really given the mile distance much thought before, either opting for 5k/10k runs or speed sessions which never went over 500m. The Thursday before Rob and I went out for a test run, a mile lap of Atlantic Wharf to see how it would be. It wasn’t fun, but doable; uncomfortable but over fairly quickly. We ran past some bemused fishermen, then got drenched in a downpour. I missed my mile PB by 10 seconds, but I figured Race Day would sort that out.

RACE DAY. I both nervous and excited. We arrived at the tent and signed in without hassle. I think about 200 people took part in the race. A few of the lovely folks from my run club- CDF Runners– were there, some in the Elite (sub 7 minute) race and some in the Fun Run race.

I warmed up more than my practice mile on Thursday, a half mile jog, some squats/lunges, and lots of stretching. I remember it being muggy so I was sweating a lot. (An awkward moment when I didn’t shake someone’s hand because I had just run it through my very sweaty hair…)

We watched the elites start and quickly disappear down Bute Street, then nervously waited for the start of our race.

Things I remember from the mile:

  • A klaxon noise started the race
  • A poor girl took a tumble at the start of the race (an adult was there immediately to assist)
  • Lots of cheering along Bute Street (I couldn’t remember anything they said but I assume it was all good)
  • Mile breakdown: 0.25 miles felt great, 0.5 miles felt challenged, 0.75 miles deeply, deeply upset

Then just as I was starting to hate the whole business of running the finish line was upon me and it was over, thank goodness. That last bit of a mile race really slaps you in the face and legs and lungs. I couldn’t summon much up for a sprint finish. Still my hard work paid off and I was rewarded with a mile PB of 7’48”! I was over the moon, as I was hoping to beat my 8’24” time, I had no idea I would have the beans to get under 8 minutes! Running elevation swept over me, once I could breathe properly again.

With all of us over the finish line, Jake was suddenly accosted by a BBC news reporter and had to be a talking head about an issue about the Welsh Assembly. I really hope he answered all the questions with metaphors about his mile race. That would have been awesome. (“Yeah I’m really happy with it…Started out strong… Put in the training… Pushed through the pain at the end… Breathing felt steady…I’m sorry, what about the government!?”)

We all got a coveted Bute Town Mile tee and posed for a grumpy post-race photo. Can you see the contrast from the Before photo?


CDF Runner @stukulele also filmed the whole thing on a go pro- so you can see the whole race in speedy glory HERE! 

Overall it was an awesome event. It was cheap, fun (well…) and most importantly right outside my house. I will definitely be back to beat my time next year.


Grumpy Joggers #21 #22 & #23!Phil, Stu & Deb!

Some new additions to the Mini Grump Club! Here they are:

#21: Phil P!

Phil’s photo was sent in by bro-in-law Chris W, so I haven’t actually met him or know much about him. He’s a trail runner who was competing in Grindleford Fell Race in the photo, and this year is a new Dad. Congrats Phil!


#22: Stu H!

This is Twitterbud and fellow CDF runner, Stu! Is currently using his grump pic as his twitter avatar, which makes me happy.  😀


#23: Deborah G!

Deborah’s photo was sent in by a pal, she is currently training for a 10k and nailing it!


I’ve got a few more people to draw up, but keep the photos coming! just follow @grumpyjogger and send me a post-run grumpy pic!

GK x

Grumpy Jogger #19 and #20! Bethan and Keen!

Grumpy Jogger #19 : Bethan E!

Bethan just ran the Swansea Half Marathon, and I managed to be organised enough to draw her just after the race! What a total badass. She looked good doing it too in those shades:

She will also be running the Cardiff Half Marathon with me in October, along with the all-female acapella group, The City Sirens! (But that’s for another blog post…)


Grumpy Jogger # 20 : Keen H!


20 Grumpy Joggers on my shelf now! 20! It’s getting ridiculous. As well as being the 20th Mini Paper Grump, Keen also wins the title for Furthest Travelled, getting his grump on all the way over in Korea. It’s official- becoming a grumpy jogger is now a worldwide movement!!

I asked him for any remarks on his running, he said he was battling the high temps and high humidity over there. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to run in 26+ degree heat, not to mention humidity on top of that. The amount I sweat, I think it would probably kill me. You’re awesome Keen.



It’s been about 10 months since I started running, and seven months since I started drawing up my fellow runners. I’m going to save a ‘One Year of Running‘ type post for October/September time, but for now I’ll say it’s been lovely to draw everyone, and it’s been real nice that everyone has reacted warmly to my silly doodles. Whether a beginner or a serious competitor, I hope no one would ever take offence at me drawing them looking a bit worse for wear.

I’ve had people ask me to draw them out hiking, or on bikes, but I want to keep this as just a running thing… partly to save myself from drawing everyone who ever exercised ever, but also because running  has become a thing I have actually grown quite fond of and it’s my little way of giving a gift to people who enjoy it too.

So… keep sending / tweeting me grumpy photos so I can keep drawing folks! Whether you love running or are being guilted / forced to go out by a loved one (what I keep doing to my boyfriend) you deserve a tiny, angry, paper version of yourself as a well done for getting out there.

Grumpy Kate.

Avant mes vacances…


I’M GOING TO FRANCE TOMORROW AND I AM VERY EXCITED! Excited to visit the town of Annecy and check out the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, excited to go on holiday with a wonderful collection of people I know and work/have worked with, and excited to get some grumpy jogs done on foreign soil! I wonder if I can find anyone who can translate “Grumpy Jogger” for me.

A Run Story About France:

A few years ago I went on holiday to Ventron. My parents, some friends and I went to a tiny skiing town in the mountains, in the summer, so no snow or skis but plenty of picturesque villages and great weather. I was running a fair bit in uni and wanted to keep up my fitness regime, so every morning at 7am I would get up before everyone else and go for a one or two mile run before it got too hot. (It was hitting just under 30 degrees most days.) It was an awesome holiday. Beautiful surroundings, pine trees, mountains, crisp blue skies… I spent the first few days just running around the tiny village where we were staying at.

On the penultimate day of the holiday, I fancied a bit of a challenge, so I thought I would run to the next teeny town over ( a journey we had made by car many times by then). In my head, this journey took about five seconds, the town wasn’t far away, the route was a nice easy one and I’d be back before breakfast. Right?


The next village over turned out to be 5k away. I didn’t really register this until I jogged there, turned around and saw a sign saying that my little holiday village was 5k away. Despite this, I felt fresh, buzzing even. The first part of the run had flown by, I felt like it hadn’t cost me much effort and that I could keep running forever. You know that runner’s high thing they talk about? I was totally tripping balls on runner’s high. Another 5k back home you say? of course! It would be my pleasure! …But what I hadn’t really clocked was that the entire route so far had been DOWNHILL and now the sun was getting higher in the sky, things were heating up, and I had a good three miles of uphill ahead of me before I could eat breakfast.

To this day, that second half of that run is something I will remember as the grossest, sweatiest, thirstiest five kilometres I have ever run. No sunscreen, no sunglasses, no water. My previous effortless feeling was demolished by the feeling of running in 2x gravity. It just seemed to go on forever. I remember a lethal cocktail of short, steep hills followed by just as nasty, never ending gradual slopes. I had to run on the left side of the road to face oncoming traffic which was confusing my dehydrated brain. I passed a few Lycra-clad cyclists who must’ve thought it very unusual to see a red-faced tourist slowly puffing up a mountain. I vividly remember the very steepest hill being right at the end, leading up the steps to our rented house. I had nothing left at that point, my face red from running half a 10k uphill and mid-morning sunburn. What had meant to be a half hour run had turned into about an hour and a half saga of resilience in the French mountains.

Everyone was up when I got back, so we ate breakfast and then proceeded to go on a five mile walk and play a few rounds of tennis. I was so tired that day. So very very tired.

Grangemoor Park Run Meetup!

Back to the present! Today I forced my boyfriend Rob out to the Grangemoor Park run and met up with Jake and Christina, who have all been drawn by me into little Paper Joggers! Here we are as an awesome Paper Grumpy Jogger team:


It was SO MUGGY today. For me, it was not an enjoyable run. I set out a bit too fast and boy did I pay for it later in the second half.

Rob made me laugh just as we passed the half mile mark by asking me a question about Spotify:

“How long do the adverts normally last?”

“Like, 30 seconds? Then you get a bunch of uninterrupted music.”

“Oh. Well it’s been five minutes and all I’ve heard is an advert about a chef talking about burgers.”

Not the best inspirational material to listen to really. And mile 1 did turn out to be his slowest mile.

Rob also made me laugh by giving me the unhappiest face I’ve ever seen as he turned the 180 degree corner on the last leg of the run. I’m sorry I forced this on you Rob, but I’m super proud of you.


I did get to high five a little kid about half a mile from the finish, which totally made my day and gave me a speed boost for about ten seconds before I settled back into the wheezy spluttery mess I had been for most of the run.

I got to meet @therunningyogi IRL and she is the best ever! Really hope we can meet again for Park runs and other training runs too! 😉

Grabbed a drink after in the nearby Starbucks. Very nice to have a chat after a park run, and a well deserved beverage as well.


Here we are looking all grump after the run:



I feel like I’ve waffled on in this post, so here’s the rest of my running pics. I’ve really been feeling the heat the last few weeks. So very very sweaty due to the hot muggy weather we’ve been having:

Now off to France! Hopefully the runs I complete in Annecy this year will be a lot less traumatizing than that awful experience in Ventron!



Women’s Running 10k & More!

29/05/16 – Women’s Running 10k!

Yesterday I ran in the Women’s Running 10k Series in Bute Park, Cardiff. I run a fair bit in Bute Park, and have already run the Sport Relief 5k there this year (blog post about it here.) I thought it would be interesting to experience a 10k event there, and was also interested to run in a women’s only event too. I found a Groupon for it online and signed up fairly last minute.

Because I signed up less than two weeks before, I didn’t receive a race number in the post. This resulted in a fair amount of queuing when I arrived at the start line. Luckily a friend of mine had tagged along so I had some company as I waited.

It was a beautiful day, but not a day for running. It was a day for people who had gone to the park for a picnic, or an unhurried amble with the family dog, or an idyllic gentle bike ride along the river. I felt mad at these people for not understanding the heat as I dashed between each patch of  dappled shade from the park trees. As the K’s ticked by I grew tired of hating the people out enjoying the weather and instead directed my rage at the race itself. The last K in particular felt particularly uncomfortable, but that was a similar experience to the Great Run.


1. The Sun. Seriously. Stop it. GO AWAY.

2. The K markers around the route were not placed correctly or even remotely in order. The 1k marker appeared about 2 minutes in. The 10k marker appeared around the 6K mark. I was unsure if this was a genuine mistake or the organizers were conducting some kind of mean mind experiment making the subjects believe they had reached 10k when they still had a good third of the run to complete. Very evil.

3. A group of three kids lined up on the side of the path and I gave them all high fives as I jogged by, which made me feel like a champion. This did not make me grumpy (the opposite in fact), but by the time I had come around again on the second lap I assume they had got bored of getting their hands gently slapped by a hundred strange women and were playing leisurely on the grass a few feet away. WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME KIDS, YOU WERE MY ONLY HOPE. (It was a lot less fun running past without the high fives…)

4. I didn’t get close to getting under an hour. Within my earshot, A man shouted to someone he knew in the run: ” You’re just behind the 60 minute pacer!” which made me super hopeful I could catch up to them. It was a short lived pipe dream, as I never even saw team 60 Minutes. The 1 hour quest continues…


I didn’t realise the race was being timed, but it was, and the time recorded for me on the Results Base Website was 01’03’45”. About 15 seconds faster than The Bristol Great Run. Not much of an improvement, but one I’ll take onboard anyway! I feel like now it’s going to be a case of really working on runs longer than 6 miles to build up endurance to make that last K seem less of a dying effort, and speed speed speed work to boost up my fitness and speed. (Yeah, that’s right, I actually may have been learning stuff about running recently.)

So whilst not without it’s flaws, Women’s Running gave all participants a great goody bag. Tea, supplements, blister plasters, a teeshirt, a copy of Women’s Running Mag, water and coconut water, a reuse-able water bottle and post race snackies were all included. After the race I opened up a bag of peanut butter popcorn and that was weird but tasty. Of course, like a big grumpy hypocrite I was loving the sunshine immediately after the run. I lazed in the park, I ate ice cream, I watched my friend Todd do diabolo tricks. All in all it was a great day.

Today was a lazy day. Two run buds, Kat and Gaz, were at my house. Some of us were a bit hungover from the night before, but we still went out and boshed through a 3 mile run in the Bay, despite it being very sunny and busy. This was a nice social run, and it taught me that sometimes it’s awesome to take it easy and chat your way through exercise with your buddies. I forgot to get a post run grumpy photo after, so this will have to do:



Other stuff:

The last few bits and bobs that happened this last week: I ran home from work, and I went to the CDF Runner’s Speed Session on Wednesday. It was tough.


I ran over 50 miles this month (highest monthly mileage ever!) and I bought a new running backpack. Will try running to work with it soon.





Grumpy Jogger #18! Jo H!



Just to properly wrap up all the Bristol Great Run things that happened today, I couldn’t resist drawing up Jo, who ran the 10k with me and Jake. In fact, it’s her fault that we ran it at all, as she had signed up ages ago and was the gentle push I needed to sign up and train for it. She has triumphed over shin splints and running past a Strava segment mysteriously labelled ‘Poo Corner’. What a champ! 10k Grumps for life! 😀


Grumpy Jogger #17! Christina H!



Christina is @therunningyogi on Twitter. She is a runner, yogi and blogger:

“The Running Yogi Principles:

1. Running is food for your soul.

2. Yoga is the perfect partner to a running routine.

3. Everyone has their own pace and that’s just great.

4. Beating yourself up holds you back.

5. Taking time out to do nothing heals more than sore muscles.”

In March she ran her first half marathon- The Silverstone Half. (Her race report can be found on her blog here.) I reckon it must have been a very unusual race, running on a track that is more accustomed to wheels than runner’s feet.  Congrats on an awesome first Half Marathon!


Follow me on Twitter and send me your post race/run pics, I’ll draw you into the 2D Grumpy run club!


Grumpy Jogger # 16 … Jake H!




Here’s Jake!

He’s running the Bristol Great Run with me on Sunday so I had to make sure I had him drawn up before the big day! I’ve spotted him running around Cardiff Bay at top speeds in a massive neon coat. Jake, I don’t understand how you  don’t set yourself on fire running in a massive coat like that, but you have my respect. Good luck for Sunday!

You can follow Jake on Twitter here.


If you want me to draw you in all your running glory, it’s simple: send me a photo of you looking grumpy in full run gear: @grumpyjogger

Grumpy Jogger #15! Gareth M!

30.04.16 – Here’s Gaz!


Gareth does the whole run-commuting thing all the dang time. He sent me an awesome post-jog selfie and requested he be drawn with a look of “mild vexation” which I didn’t draw. (Sorry Gaz.) I drew him with shades because ages ago he came up with a quote I remember fondly: “Aviators hide the tears.”

Gaz also ran the Sport Relief Mile with me about a million years ago. Run buds for LIFE!


Join the 2D run club! hit me up on Twitter with some good n’ grumpy post-run pics. You won’t be sorry! Or maybe you will. I don’t know. I do these for free, just chill out. 😛