Wind rain and hail, thumbsup.


I watched the full documentary on Eddie Izzard’s 27 Marathons in 27 days and then felt guilty about putting off my weedly little 5k because of a little rain. So I went out and at about 0.5 miles in the little rain became big rain which then became big hail so I sheltered under a bridge for a bit and then decided ‘what the hell’ and carried on grumping.

I passed a guy out running in the downpour, gave him a thumbs up and he gave me a smile and nod back. RUNNER’S ACCEPTANCE. I’m totally in the club now. I’m sometimes a bit unsure about waving/smiling/acknowledging other runners when I’m out, don’t really want to break into their workout or be that weirdo that waves like a goon at someone minding their own business. Heaven knows I detest being yelled at by the general public when I run. Obviously cat calls are infuriating and stupid, but even the rare occasion I get encouragement from an ambling passer-by my automatic feeling is WHATEVER MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW THIS FEELS IM BURNING TO DEATH HERE. But the rare occasion I do get a nod or a smile from another jogger I feel cool with it. We’re in the same club, you know. We know the pain. I can respect that.

So, yeah, it was hella rainy. I actually  prefer running in the rain a lot more than in the sun. The sun is the worst. Lots of rain makes for hilarious post run pics too:





2nd Day of Spring. Hurty leg.


Think I need to rest my leg… think I may have picked¬†up my first running injury of this year! GASP! I sprained my calf a little on the 6 mile run last week and each time I think it’s all healed I go for a run and afterwards it makes itself known. This time it was complaining whilst I was out running… definite rest day tomorrow. I did a mix of slow, a bit less slow and sprint-y bits today in the GLORIOUS spring morning. Joyful weather day. Not a joyful running day though. Mostly hard going and leg ache-y. Boo.