Well I hope you’re ready for drawings of angry people because I’m a bit behind and I got a whole bunch of ’em done this weekend. I’m now up to number THIRTY! Thirty people who have run with me/ been inspired to run because of this blog/ found me through Twitter and sent in a grumpy photo. I think that’s pretty neat. They are really starting to look like quite a crowd, aren’t they?


And without further ado, here are the new members of the Grumpy Jogger club…
#24! Gregg G! 

Gregg was part of the Butetown Mile crew and busted out a 6 minute-something mile like  he was just going to the shops.



#25! Krystal G!

Part of the Pembrokeshire run crew! Krystal has been mixing up running with Pokemon Go (would recommend, good for hatching those pesky 10k eggs.)


#26! Miriam G!

Pembrokeshire crew! Mim went for a run wearing wellies because she didn’t give a flip what the shoe experts said.


#27! Nicky R!

Pembrokeshire crew! Nickynoo also used to run with me around Roath park back in uni. She was my first regular run bud. * high five *


#28! Ryan N!

Pembrokeshire Crew! Ryan tried to get me to draw him before as a “Grumpy Rambler” but I straight up refused until he came for a run with me on holiday. I got my principles.


#29! Kate D! (And no, not me! Another Kate D…)

Kate sent me a particularly epic grumpy pic after getting absolutely drenched on a run. Great work Spinks! 😀


#30! Sam E (a.k.a Deano the Dementiasaurus)

Sam is a fellow member of CDF Runners. He’s running the Cardiff Half Marathon soon, which would be impressive enough except that he’s doing it in this MASSIVE DINOSAUR COSTUME. I can barely get my head around covering 13 miles without contending with this cap-wielding, tongue-lolling, tail-wagging costume, so respect where it’s due. He’s raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, so dig deep and throw some money at his Just Giving page.

DONATE to Sam’s Just Giving Page here! 


As always, if you want to be drawn into the coolest 2D run club, send me a pic on twitter: @grumpyjogger


Grumpykate x


One comment

  1. Kat · September 22, 2016

    Epic! Hollar and congrats to Ryan, Krys, Nic and Mim and any others I know! ^_^ ❤


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