July/August Runs!

Prepare for bullet points and a dump of post-run photos. Here’s a bunch of run stuff I got done these last two months:

  • New 10k PB! 1’00″58 – getting closer to under an hour, my current goal.
  • CELEBRITY HILL DEATHMATCH – the name my run bud Kat has given her hellish hilly/step-filled 5k route in Pontypridd. It’s truly horrible. We ran past some kind of obelisk, looked down upon Ponty, and Rob hurt his knee. (Poor Rob.)
  • Half marathon training progresses! My longest run is currently 7.75 miles. I ran it with run bud Jake the day after I went to a wedding. I learnt champagne and wine are not good pre-run fuel, but at least I made it through despite the pain. (Let’s ignore the times of the last two miles…)
  • I have now survived the last few Wednesday Speed Run sessions with CDF Runners. Last week was 20 minutes of Burpee-tastic circuits and it took my arms about 4 days to recover.
  • My uni friends and I went camping! It was super wet and windy, but the second there was a break in the weather I dragged them all out for a 2.5 mile run in lovely scenic Pembrokeshire.


I have a few races coming up! The Butetown Mile on Aug 28th & The Cardiff 10k on Sep 11th. Wish me luck!

GK x



  1. christinederrick · August 21, 2016

    Psychic ? I was only thinking hadnt heard anything from Grumpy joger – hope knee OK, havnt read this yet.




    • grumpyjogger · August 26, 2016

      I’m still about! Just falling behind a bit on blogging. More to come next week!


  2. Kat · August 21, 2016

    Yay celebrity hill death match!! U both did well!! Sorry to hear rob hurt his knee tho!! 😦 good luck in all u races, speedster! ❤


    • grumpyjogger · August 26, 2016

      Thanks m’ababer! I’m real scared by the mile race, much more so than the 10k, lol! I dunt like going fast 😡 expect lots of grumping…


  3. christinederrick · August 21, 2016

    Good Luck with up and coming races. We are off for a very lazy time in Scotland over bank hol for a week, after an energetic week in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago. although it was called The Lazy Alps holiday – it wasnt !

    Then more laziness in Menorca at end of September. although it is a walking week. Getting some exercise in between , J has taken up Rowing – on water, not too energetic sort, and I may follow suit, giving it a go next Thursday. Good to keep trying different things. but gone back to Pilates and Piloga – its such a good all over body exercise, stretches all the joints and muscles, and strengthens the core, if do it enough (must do more !).

    Keep having fun.





    • grumpyjogger · August 26, 2016

      I love pilates! And yoga. So good. I used to go to a yoga class that was really intense, it was more like strength training haha!

      Hope you are both having a blast in Scotland and that rowing adventures went well too! 😀 xx


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