Physio, Cardiff Half Training + Shopping


It happened. The thing that everyone says will happen to you when you start running.


No! Not the knee!


I’m almost annoyed. Knee pain! So cliché!

I thought I was doing things right- I went for a gait analysis at Moti and was fitted for running shoes, I built up my mileage gradually, I generally (cough) stretch after a run.  I’ve read a few articles recently about ‘running injury myths’ (article here) and how running is actually beneficial for you bones and joints. I thought I was invincible. So far I’ve been injury free, so I would always scoff at people who would try to give me cryptic warnings about runners knee/ self inflicted arthritis/ knee caps falling off/ [insert horror story here] … but alas! The knee pain has got me.

I’ve had a sore/achey knee for the last few weeks, and the feeling wasn’t going away after running, I could feel it sat at my desk and lying down. I asked the CDF Runners group what to do, and they told me to stop hysterically googling symptoms on Web MD and go to a physio. So I booked myself an appointment with Seary Physio.

Back in 2013, I rarely exercised. Before I would have only gone to a physio if I had broken something… I’m sure if I told a past version of myself I’d booked a physio appointment because I had irritated my knee from running too much she would have laughed before going back to a humongous plate of nachos. (Note: now in 2016, I exercise regularly but I still eat nachos with gusto.)  So, the knee hurty is annoying but I do feel a teeny bit badass.

Seary Physio are in Whitchurch , Cardiff, in a cute little building just off the main road. It was easy enough to catch a bus and find them . My initial assessment appointment with them was pretty cool. Physios are like human body wizards. (I’m sure they don’t like to be called that.) They can, just by looking at you, tell if you over pronate or not. I’m sure the physio I saw today knows more about my knee than I ever will.  I was instructed to do a few squats/steps/move about a bit, then my knee and legs were moved around and massaged, and my knee cap was subjected to much scrutiny. It turns out my knee is being pulled too much to the left and is slightly coming out of its groove, irritating the inside of my knee. (I believe this can be a common occurrence in lady runners.) There was a moment when the physio was moving something around in my knee, and I could feel a part of it clunking around unnaturally in there, almost like when you have a massage and there is a knot in your shoulders that is  bit crunchy. It didn’t hurt, but made me feel a bit gross. I can’t describe it well, I do not know all the knee-related words. :B

I got some sport tape applied to my knee which will be gently pulling it back over to the right for a day or so. Again, if I think about it too much I get weak at the knees, which is already my weak point. I also have to do some exercises to strengthen up specific leg and butt muscles. Exercises to help you do more exercise. What a world we live in. As fellow runner Gregg puts it:

I’ve been told it’s still cool to run on my leg, so I will be going for an easy 5k today as per my Nike+ Half Marathon Coach’s instructions. Which brings me to…




So this is scary. 13 miles is a ridiculous distance to run. Luckily I won’t be doing it alone, there is a group from my choir -City Sirens- who will be running it too. I went out for a 4 mile training run with a fellow siren last week, and it was lovely. I enjoy the thought of us tackling the scary distance as a big pack! If the route is similar to the last half, through the bay and up to Roath park, it’s going to be lovely and scenic. I am secretly quite excited.



I went a bit overboard today. I got some compensation from Easy Jet recently (They paid up because it took me 14 hours to get to France due to a technical fault with the plane) so the second that cheque cleared I went out and bought this impressive haul:


I really need to find some sportswear with animals on them. I’m a big fan of printed animal things. Not animal print per se, like leopard print, just pictures of animals on things. Animals are cool. If anyone sees any zebras or sharks or lions or foxes or owls or anything fauna-related on a piece of run kit, let me know and I will throw all my money at it.

I will leave with an assortment of grumpy after-run pics from this last month (Some special guest appearances from Rob):




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