Grumpy Jogger #15! Gareth M!

30.04.16 – Here’s Gaz!


Gareth does the whole run-commuting thing all the dang time. He sent me an awesome post-jog selfie and requested he be drawn with a look of “mild vexation” which I didn’t draw. (Sorry Gaz.) I drew him with shades because ages ago he came up with a quote I remember fondly: “Aviators hide the tears.”

Gaz also ran the Sport Relief Mile with me about a million years ago. Run buds for LIFE!


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End of April Runstuff!

April’s been a joggy month. I’ve ran 48.3 miles in total!

24.04.16 -Sunday 5k


This was supposed to be a 6 miler, but I couldn’t face it, so I opted for a 5k instead… I remember feeling very tired before I began… This run was awful actually. I remember tweeting about it. I called it a stinker. And boy did it stink the whole place out. I think that might actually be a genuine grumpy expression.

Bristol Great Run- Race Number acquired!

I got my Great Run number through the post this week! I like my number. It has two “6’s” in it. I like the number 6. But the fear is growing. No backing out of it now…

26.04.16 – another 10k

So with the Great Run race number now in my house, a tangible, inescapable object blaring out reminders I need to run longer distances, I did another 10k on Tuesday. This was the second time doing this distance. I basically smooshed two of my normal 5k routes together and it was alright. A new PB of 01:04:56. The 1st mile was a warm up, mile 2 felt quite hard, then the 3rd and 4th mile hit me with that sneaky lying feeling of HEY I COULD DO THIS FOREVER COME AT ME 10K! BUT THEN…

Mile 5. The pain kicked in then. I was getting quite grumpy at this point, and unhelpful things like stairs and ramps and slopes were popping up in my route around the bay. At one point I told a flight of stairs to fuck off. (Luckily no one was around to think I was swearing at them. I promise it was just the thought of jogging up stairs after five miles of running!)

The last .22 miles I don’t remember, but I can best describe it as: F?”3HQ$TA!!TGRy78GEHNGGGgARGHHHHHHHHHHH




29.04.16 -Speedy stuff.

Not much to report here. 1 mile warm up, 1 fast mile (new PB! 08’35”!) and then sprint/stop/sprint for the last mile. Pretty knackering.



30.04.15 – Pontypridd Parkrun!

And finally, by far the most fun run of the whole week, I ran in the Pontypridd Parkrun!
My stalwart run buddies Kat and Jas accompanied me, although sadly J-man had to drop out a mile in due to knee probs. =[ (rest up and get well soon!)

The Ponty run has about 400 less runners in it than the Cardiff one, and although I do love the Cardiff Park run, it is nice to be in a slightly less massive crowd. I nearly fell over a speed bump checking the distance left on my phone, but apart from that it was good. A few of Kat & Jas’s friends ran it too, so we got an awesome post-run selfie together, and then hit up ‘Spoons for a massive well-deserved breakfast ;P






Grumpy Jogger #14! Dani A!

25/04/16  – It’s Dani!


Dani sent me a photo after a grueling treadmill work out, and sortakinda because of my pestering has since ventured out to run on the good side (the OUTside :P)

When asked for a running quote, she said…


Wise, wise words. I think we all run to eat delicious things. For me, it’s piles of Oreos.

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A long run, a fast run, a Parkrun.

Here’s what happened this week, run-wise.

17.04.16 – 1st 10k run!

I’ve signed up for the Bristol Great Run which is now less than a month away (tiny scream) so I  thought it would be good to get some long runs in so I’ll have a good idea of how long and how painful 6.2 miles is. Answer: Quite long and quite painful.

My goal was to set off reallllllly, really slow, have a halfway point break, and generally take the whole thing easy. I think my first mile was nearly 12 minutes (I walked some of it). I think this is a legit game plan though, as I didn’t tire out until right near the end, and gradually got faster, the last mile being my quickest. It was rather sunny so I went out with my sunglasses and got a heroic post-run pic because of it:


I got a PB, but only because it’s my first 10k… I loved all the trophies I won on Nike+ for this. Longest Run! Furthest Run! Most Calories Burnt! YAY!

I had a Zen-like thought at 5.5miles in. (New levels of fatigue and delirium for me.) I was listening to my Spotify Playlist and James’ song Nothing But Love came on. It made me think this: My body hurts, my breathing is so ragged, I’m tired, my feet ache and I want to stop. But all I have right now is my love for doing this, of running and being outside and making progress and that’s the only thing keeping me going. No one is yelling at me to run faster, no waving and cheering crowds are urging me on. It’s just me. And that was a nice thought. 🙂

I’m not hoping for a sub 1 hour 10k or anything at the Great Run but it would be nice to get a time a little quicker than this one 😀

21.04.16 – New 5K PB!

I was expecting my legs to be HURTIN’ after the 10k on Sunday but they were fine, which made me suspicious… Apparently my legs can run 6 miles and not be sore the next day now… that’s a new thing.

I had three days off from running, then the guilt hit hard on Thursday so I set out for an evening run. I was originally thinking to do a fast 2 miles. I read somewhere on Twitter that if I can go the 10k distance, some last minute speed workouts would be a helpful thing. I got to 1 mile at a good pace, then 2 miles, then that little not-often-heard voice in my head said “If you keep this pace up, you’ll get a new 5k PB …” and that was it. Gauntlet thrown. I went for it! It was a tough 3 miles for sure, I was only .5 miles in before I felt a little stitch-y. Whilst the discomfort never really left is was bearable enough… AND I TOOK ABOUT A MINUTE OFF OF MY PB. I didn’t expect it and it felt awesome. I got home and was an annoying level of happy the whole evening. Yay! Sub 28 minute 5k, I’m coming for you!


My running mantra for this was:




Maybe not the most motivational mantra, but it worked for me.

23.04.16- Flyin’ Cardiff Parkrun solo!

I went out on Friday and got to bed late but still managed to respond to an early wake-up call for the Cardiff Parkrun. Not much to say about this one, except Parkrun is the best and even running it by myself I was never alone, I was in a big lovely crowd of fellow runners and that was great. Last mile was a bitch and a minute faster than my first. Thank you as always to the marshalls and volunteers, they are always so great. I didn’t see the Parkrun Pug this week… maybe I’ll encounter him next week. Fly, little Pug!


Maybe do another 10k tomorrow. WE’LL SEE.


Grumpy Jogger #13… Maria B!

Here comes #13! Maria B!


Maria has sent me a few awesome snaps post-jog, and has joined the ranks of us Grumpy Joggers on Nike+!

I asked her for a quote about running:

“When I ran in Sweden I got given pickles, bananas and these weird energy sweets. But pickles are best when you’re running. I love a good pickle me!” 

So when I go out for my next 10k on Sunday when I get home I’m busting in the fridge dor and eating all the pickles!!! OM NOM NOM.


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17/04 Runstuff!

Or, Why Did I Sign Up For The Bristol Greatrun?


I’m still trying to work out what it was that made me think it was a good idea to sign up for the Bristol 10k on May 15th. I’ve got a month to try and lock in some longer distances so I don’t die out there. I have previously ran one 10k race, and it was pretty terrible. I signed up without much training for it, (kind of similar to the situation now, hmm…) and was pummeled for it as a result. Hopefully this time I a more staunch base of fitness to work with, but memories of that stitch-y tortoise run linger…

Jogging Around Bristol:

I’ve been working and staying in Bristol, so I’ve been doing my best to keep up my running in this new city terrain. Bristol, or at least the part I was staying in, is much, much hillier than Cardiff Bay. I have battled many hills this week. This week I learnt: if there’s a hill in your route, try and do it in the first half of your workout, as nothing made me cry more than having to start a hill already quite a bit out of puff. The extra amount of sweat that comes with a hill in your run is pretty impressive! But to quote my Bristol-based run bud Gaz:

“Hills rule buddy, no doubt they hurt but you’re getting way more benefit out of the same time running. Then again, my entire morning run in downhill so I’m kinda a hypocrite. 😛 “

I need to spare a moment for the wonderment that is running downhill. It’s like you’re flying! wheeee

Here’s some photos I got during/after my Brizzle runs:

Cardiff Parkrun:

On Saturday I was determined to check out the Grangemoor Park run, but thanks to a bus being late/ a bus timetable LYING I bailed on it and went to the Cardiff Parkrun instead. I managed to drag Rob out with me too. He said it was much more fun doing a 5k running with me at a “steady pace”. His “steady pace” for me felt like an all out, ain’t-got-nothing-left-in-the-tank level of effort, but still a good time was had all round. I got my Parkrun PB and a whisper over 30 minutes on my Nike+ recordings. Here’s some pics, before and after:

Lastly, a celebratory thing: I’ve hit the 200 mile mark on Nike+! And, to quote run-bud Trev who recently broke 1000 miles on the app: “…and I still don’t know what Nike Fuel is.”



Grumpy Jogger #12 : Jason C!


15/05/16 : It’s Jason!

Grumpy Jogger #12 ! Jason C!

Jason is a pretty rad guy and equally rad runner. He has recently recovered from an injured foot/ ankle and joined me and Kat last Saturday for a Parkrun. He ran with a beer on his teeshirt in an effort to distract and overtake other runners.*

* disclaimer: might not have been his actual game plan


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A Backpack, a Parkrun, a Hilly Park.

Last week’s running lowdown, a lot of firsts this week:

05/04/16 – 1st Backpack Run!

I’ve been working and commuting to Bristol this last week, so my running mileage has taken quite a nosedive. However, I managed to take all of my running gear to work on Tuesday, train back to Cardiff, change in the train toilets and jog my way to Roath wearing a backpack with all my work things in. Whilst it did feel quite cool to use running as a form of transport, having a backpack did make the whole process feel harder. I felt like the back of my lungs were being squished where the bag was, so I couldn’t breathe as deeply as I would have liked. (Is this a thing, or in my head?) My back got extra sweaty verrry quickly. My backpack was very full so swayed about side to side which probably made running harder. I’d like to try running with a proper running backpack… but I’m sure that it will be a similar situation to when you buy new running shoes and expect them to magically cancel out all running pains and shave five minutes off of your last PB: it just doesn’t work like that. Will have to build up my strength, fitness, and bag-wearing experience to get better at it.

I arrived to choir and tried to cool off for five minutes before I joined the session, but still ending up joining the group with a super red face. Also didn’t have chance to take a post-workout selfie! Ah well. Can’t win ’em all.

09/04/16 – 1st Cardiff Parkrun!

parkruncrowd parkrunkat

I had to take a bus to get to the north end of Bute Park for the Cardiff Parkrun. Got up early, tried to ignore the heavy rain clouds looming, and set off. When I got to the big Tesco near the start of the run, I was so surprised! NEVER HAVE I SEEN SO MANY RUNNERS NIP INTO TESCO TO USE THE TOILETS AT 8.45 ON A SATURDAY MORNING. I saw every kind of running shoe, outfit, accessory imaginable. Dogs. Children. Fancy dress. HORDES of runners. If there was a zombie horde and it was made out of this hardcore running crowd I wouldn’t rate your chances of survival. 630 runners at this 5k!

As with all parkruns it was an amazing mix of runners/ abilities and it felt nice to be a part of such a big crowd. I ran with Kat and Jas, my beloved run buds, and we had an awesome time and achieved this beautiful post-run pic:


This is my second park run, my first in Cardiff. I wish it started in an easy part of Bute Park for me to get to, but I understand that a race with this many runners would clog up the main part of the park quite heavily so maybe they are kept to the north part because of this. Despite the up-and-back nature of the route I still enjoyed it, the stewards were really great (thank you!) and there were some nice bits of scenery to break up the run. I ran behind a boy and his Pug. I NEVER would have thought a Pug could run a whole 5k. Good job doggie.

10/04/16 – 1st Brizzle Run!

My first run in my beloved city of Bristol. (I’m staying in Bristol all of this week! YEAH, got my running gear with me, so no excuse for the weekly mileage dip this time.) Bristol didn’t offer up a good first run for me though, as it was grey, rainy, windy as hell and the park I chose to run in was MUCH hillier than I thought (Darn you, St. Andrews!) I am quite wimpy with hills though, I avoid them like the plague, so this was a good thing to tackle. I got barked at by a Dalmatian who didn’t like me running past him, and I SWEAR a tiny child threw a pebble at me as I passed them by which hit me in the leg. Blummin’ kids!




Any readers of this blog will know that I gripe about Nike+ glitches quite often. This weekend it came up with a doozy, handing out everyone with ridiculous mileage scores:

Think we’re back to normal now, but I’m sure it won’t be long before Nike+ goofs up again. Harumph!


Catcalling and Zombies, Run! Two Joggy Villains.


Boo hiss boo Zombies, Run! And boo hiss boo Catcalling Boy.

This run was majorly grumpy. At less than half a mile in, some foolish boy shouted something degrading at me as he drove by. I was wearing headphones so I missed most of his MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE. I heard the word ‘sexy’ in there somewhere. Sigh. It made me mad and made that guy look like an idiot. I would like to think that one day he takes some time to work out why shouting sexual stuff at random strangers on the street is never a compliment. This has only happened to me a handful of times, but I really, really wish that I could go out for a run and be 100% assured I won’t get shouted at by someone who has no idea how wholly idiotic catcalling makes them look. THUMBS DOWN.


Anyway. Back to why Zombies, Run! Is also a villain.

I wanted to go for a chill 5k today, with a few fast bits thrown in for good measure. Ooh, thinks I, that would make for a good mission on Zombies, Run! The app is ALL ABOUT jogging and then speeding up for short bursts to escape Zombies. ( Or Zoms, as they like to refer to them.)

I was coming up to the first mile mark and I noticed I had had no contact from the app in a while, and no time announcement for my first mile. I was confused. I stopped and checked my phone- the app had checked out. Nothing. Back to the home screen. Spotify was still doggedly playing away, but Zombies, Run! was nowhere to be seen. Ok. I thought maybe this was a fluke, I opened up the app again and thought maybe I’ll run a chill 4 miles so I can still listen to the whole mission. Alright. Off I go again, starting a 3 mile run but already a mile in.

The app played alright for a while, but then on my second Zombie Evasion it clocked out again, so actually left me hanging in speed up mode: NOT COOL. I was sprinting (well… not sprinting, just speeding up and not loving it) and I was going for it… only another 20 seconds right? Just keep moving those legs, maybe pump those arms, only another 10 seconds, gotta escape, gotta keep going, Zoms almost evaded… right? Another 2 seconds? Hello? I can’t keep running like this!?!? HELLO ZOMBIES?!!!? HAVE I BEEN EATEN OR NOT? HELL- Oh, it’s crashed again, back to the home screen. Great.

At that point I had run 5k. I’d had enough.

Boo hiss boo.


New 1 Mile PB!


I got a new PB for 1 mile- 8’49” ! I set out to try and beat my fastest mile and it was horrible horrible horrible but I managed it somehow! Next Mile PB goal- 8’30”!

Did some short sprint-y bits on the way back, because clearly I enjoy torturing myself.

Took my post run selfie straight after… didn’t even have the energy to summon up much of an expression.