14.01.16 – 19.01.16: Runs with Rob and Some Frosty Times

14.01.16: Crisp Bay Morning.

I run around the Bay a lot, it’s very lovely and scenic. Here’s the view from the Dr. Who Centre, which part of my go-to 2 mile run. Isn’t it lovely? Don’t you think I would see that view, morning sun striking on those buildings, and be inspired by the beauty of both nature and cool man made structures?




16/01/16: Frosty Adventures.

I demanded Rob come and join me again for a weekend run. The frost had hit the bay which turned us into Bambis at certain points of the route. (Pro tip: if you see any kind of wooden slat surface on a frosty morning, steer the hell clear.) Rob was ahead of me and tried to point out a particularly nasty patch of frosted slippery-ness and ended up weirdly gesturing at some pedestrians. I couldn’t really see anything past three feet due to fogging glasses and sweat pouring into my eyes, so I didn’t see his message and nearly broke my leg anyway.

At 1.5miles in he left me for dust and I had to puff my way back thinking I had done a slow crappy effort. But it turns out trying to keep up with someone helps improve your time, at the cost of feeling like your lungs are exploding. Who knew.


19/01/16: Stadium Frosties.

3 miles, Bute park and back. Pretty nice route except for negotiating around the station where the goal is mow down as many commuters as possible. Not as slippery as before, though I did have the timid legs of a foal going past the wooden slatted walkway of the Stadium. (Not following my pro tip from before..)

Again, I was almost struck by how lucky I am to have these grand backdrops to grump through, but then I thought, nah. If I ever run through the world’s most beautiful art gallery I’m never going to be in a state to admire the careful composition and bold brushwork. I will just barrel through hoping no one is being alarmed by my breathing noises (I’m a wheezy jogger.)

Here’s the stadium, me being unimpressed by it and the considerable fogginess I achieved when I got home.





3 miles today, got to Bute Park and it was misty, so that was nice and distracting.

Look at my glasses! Steamed up like a pro today, turning me into a blind, stumbling jog-weapon. Nearly took out a few commuters.




Run with another: share the pain

Today I was joined on a grumpy 2 mile jog by Rob. We saw an amazing lady today who was crushing it with her run outfit- all neon pink with matching bright pink tube socks. 1.5 miles in Rob told some weird story about getting a Millennium Falcon for Christmas (not sure if this was real or borne from some kind of jogging delirium). He also noted that he was “breathing using bits of his lungs that hadn’t been used in years. ” Running makes you breathe hardcore.

Actually let’s take a moment to grump about people who can talk whilst running. Goddamn. It’s all I can do to control my breath so I’m not making the wheezy, rattling noises of an old dog. When I run in a group or with other people I can push out one word responses like “yeah” “no” and “imdying” (that’s totally one word). I remember ages ago one time running with a lady who told me a cake recipe. (A CAKE RECIPE!!!! Like I even have a pen and paper to write that shit down) whilst running around Roath park. I’m sure it was a good cake.

Here we are after our brisk two miles:



08/01: I’m not afraid of you, SEA.

Today on Nike+:


3 miles grumping in the wind today. I swear no matter which way you face in Cardiff Bay the wind will be against you, reducing your best running efforts to an impression of someone struggling through invisible treacle.
I blame the sea for this. Running along the coastline (well, there’s a barrage, does that still count as sea?) is all scenic and lovely but makes the weather AT LEAST 20% more up in your business.

My photo today didn’t quite capture the shinyness of my face, but the expression captures my feelings about the run.


Grumpy Kate.

Photo Dump #1!

Runs from Oct 2015- Jan 2016:

Nothing crushes that teeny glimmer of achievement at the end of the run like a photo of yourself looking real nasty and sweeeaaaaty. On Nike+ I tend to write a brief description of the torture jog session. I’ll be doing that for each run as this blog gets off the ground, but for this Photo Dump I’ll just give you the highlights:

19/10/15: Dog poop! Overtaken by a yellow top wearing man! Not very fun.


22/11/15: Hangover run, hot, shit.

23/11/15: Jog to Yoga with a Samurai sword. (I wore my yoga mat like a sword and felt like a video game character.)

14/12/15: You’ve gone back to being fatty and slowy WHAT GIVES


18/12/15: Windy… stitch at start, plod plod plod red red red.

30/12/15: Advice for jogging when it’s windy: don’t.

02/01/15: Bit rainy… I swear this phone made me run extra… 0.5mile to go my butts!

Bam! Photos:


That’s it for now. I’m out.

Grumpy Kate.

First post.

It’s January, it’s 2016, I’ve been jogging around Cardiff and I’m not that happy about it.

So much so I’m starting a blog about it.

In my view, exercise is the devil. Unfortunately, to continue my chosen lifestyle of sitting in front of Netflix every evening and doggedly munching my way through a pile of Oreos/Chocolate Digestives/any snack ever invented I have been self-shamed into lumping my buns around the paved and often soggy streets of Wales’ capital city.

I am armed with a pair of K-Swiss running shoes, Nike+, and a seething hatred for most things I see whilst out running: crowds, sunshine, wind, rain, (any weather at all really,) pavement curbs, inclines and other outdoor assault coursery.

My plan is to blog throughout this year, mainly posting up horrid pictures of my sweaty post-run tomato face. Exercise is rough people. Here is the proof.

Grumpy Kate.